Introducing the Qolsys Security System

  • by Rachel
  • posted 11/11/20

Our new security product Qolsys can help keep you and your home safe.

We’re introducing a new security product called Qolsys; it’s a seven-inch touchscreen security keypad that basically works like a tablet. It has Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology, and you can connect locks, thermostats, and cameras to the system. You’ll love using the ultra-thin panel that includes a table stand or can be mounted on the wall. This system uses the latest encrypted sensor technology with four times the range compared to standard wireless security. 

You can pair up to five smartphones to your system, and when you change your system to “away,” it disarms itself when you return by recognizing your phone. The system also includes live view with live answer and the ability to see your camera’s view online and answer your video doorbell right from the panel. We recommend this system for your home security needs.

Give us a call, send an email, take a look around our website, or find us on social media to connect with us or if you have any questions about Qolsys or other security matters. We would love to hear from you.