Using Our Payment and Service Portal

  • by Rachel
  • posted 02/24/21

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide about how to use our service portal.


Today I’m sharing part two of using our new payment and service portal. Last time, I showed you how to sign up and access your account. This time, I’ll demonstrate how to use the portal. You can see a visual representation of each step in the video above. 


Once you go to our website, on the upper right-hand side of the page is a tab labeled “Customer Portal.” Click that, and you’ll be taken to a screen to log into the portal. After you log in, on the left side will be a menu with options for the dashboard, payment methods, and users. 


“If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to call us for help.”


If you click “payment methods,” you can update your payment methods on file or click “request service” to request a service from us. Ensure you have a payment method on file before trying to make a payment. To get back to the main page, click “dashboard.” To make a payment, click “invoices due,” and it’ll show you what invoices are due and the numbers associated with them. Check the box of the ones you want to pay, then click “pay invoices” to make a payment. 


If you click “users” on the left side, that allows you to add secondary users to your account who will have access to your information. On the lower part of the screen, you’ll see different tabs labeled invoices due, paid invoices, receipts, service history, and more. “Paid invoices” provides a list of all your recent payments, “service history” tracks the service calls you’ve had and the services we performed for you. “Signal history” gives you information about what your alarm has transmitted to us such as any signals, issues, power loss, emergencies, etc. “Call list” allows you to view anyone you’ve indicated as an emergency contact in case the alarm goes off and you’re out of town; this list can be modified from here as well. 


If you get stuck or have any questions about the portal, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We would love to help you. For other information about us and our services, just visit our website.