The Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services We Provide

Here’s why it’s important to have good carbon monoxide detectors right now.   As we pass the peak of hurricane season here in Florida, I wanted to quickly remind you of a product and service we offer: carbon monoxide detection. A lot of people operate generators during hurricane season to either test out or use […]

Taking You Behind The Scenes on Team Member Appreciation Day

Here’s a quick video recap of our Team Member Appreciation Day party. We’re taking you to the scene of our fantastic Team Member Appreciation Day party for a quick recap. You’re only as good as your team members, so we‘re excited to barbecue for them, play some good music, and just have a good time […]

Commanding Your Home Security System

The all-in-one Qolsys unit integrates all of your home automation devices. Today we’re excited to show you one of the home automation systems we offer so you know what’s available to you as a homeowner. “You can modify your system however you want and command everything from your device.” The system in question is the […]

Systems and Services to Protect Your Commercial Building

Here’s an example of how Remote Managed Services works.   The Security Alarm Corporation has started offering access control systems and remote managed services for the past three months for the purpose of controlling systems that have access to your commercial building. We manage these remotely for you so you don’t have to worry about […]

An Interview With SAC Matriarch Aggie Allbright

Aggie Allbright joins us today to tell the story of Security Alarm Corporation.   Today is the first video of a new series spotlighting some of the great employees of Security Alarm Corporation, past and present. Starting things off is the company’s matriarch, Aggie Allbright. She started the company with her father all the way […]

We Come Bearing Security Tips & Good Tidings

On behalf of the entire SAC staff, I wish you happy holidays! Since COVID-19 hit, social media usage and online shopping activity have skyrocketed. I implore you to be more careful than ever when entering your personal information into any site and stay on the lookout for any weird emails. If you’re traveling for the […]

Introducing the Qolsys Security System

Our new security product Qolsys can help keep you and your home safe. We’re introducing a new security product called Qolsys; it’s a seven-inch touchscreen security keypad that basically works like a tablet. It has Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology, and you can connect locks, thermostats, and cameras to the system. You’ll love using the ultra-thin […]