We Come Bearing Security Tips & Good Tidings

On behalf of the entire SAC staff, I wish you happy holidays! Since COVID-19 hit, social media usage and online shopping activity have skyrocketed. I implore you to be more careful than ever when entering your personal information into any site and stay on the lookout for any weird emails. If you’re traveling for the […]

Introducing the Qolsys Security System

Our new security product Qolsys can help keep you and your home safe. We’re introducing a new security product called Qolsys; it’s a seven-inch touchscreen security keypad that basically works like a tablet. It has Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology, and you can connect locks, thermostats, and cameras to the system. You’ll love using the ultra-thin […]

Q: How Can You Protect Your Home & Business From Fire?

In honor of Fire Prevention Month, here’s a quick fire safety guide.   Which fire prevention measures should you take to keep your home and/or business safe? When it comes to the home, fire prevention always starts with what you can do inside. The kitchen area, for example, is very susceptible to fire, so keep […]